ICONZ Cambridge

New Zealand


At ICONZ we are trying to build our boys into Kiwi Icons – boys with skills to thrive in, and contribute to our community. These are our values and rules for behaviour:

Respect other people

  • Respect the ICONZ Leaders and Helpers, and do what they ask.
  • Respect other people, and treat them as you would like them to treat you.
  • Listen when other people are talking – leaders or boys.
  • We won’t tolerate bad language or negative comments about other people.

Respect for property

  • Look after other people’s property and be careful of the church property.
  • All parts of the building complex other than the ICONZ Hall are OUT OF BOUNDS unless a leader tells you to go there.

Participating at ICONZ

  • All boys are expected join in games, activities, badges and hobbies unless a letter from a parent is presented.
  • Closed in shoes MUST be worn at all times. This is for the boys’ safety.
  • No lollies, hats, iPods, own balls, cell phones to be used at ICONZ (hats are fine for outdoor activities).