ICONZ Cambridge

New Zealand

About Us

ICONZ is an action, adventure, activity and values-based programme for kiwi men and kiwi boys.

ICONZ allows boys to be boys. It’s not mamby-pamby or flaky. It is faith, blood, mud, fire, water, speed, smash and build.

Our boys enjoy a wide range of action, fun, games, life skills, leadership and competition – all the stuff which they are really into, and really need to become true kiwi icons. If you attended or were involved with Boys Brigade or Boys Rally in the past, you’ll recognise the structure and values of ICONZ – updated for the twenty-first century.

The Cambridge ICONZ Unit started in 2010, and is run in association with RSCC. We meet Monday nights during school term time, 6:45pm to 8:30pm – unless we have a special event or outing (refer to our term programme).

If you would like to know more, call Glenn Johnson on 021 255 8423, or contact us online.